Free Webinar: “Submission of EU feed additive dossiers – overcoming pitfalls”

30 June 2023, 11 AM CET, On-line 

The successful registration of a feed additive in the European Union requires the development of a comprehensive dossier that adheres to various regulations and guidelines. Failure to navigate this process diligently can lead to significant delays in bringing your product to the market, resulting in both time and financial losses.

By proactively addressing potential pitfalls, you can minimise the risk of encountering delays in obtaining the necessary approvals for your feed additive within the European Union.

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, we will discuss the common pitfalls of companies when they intend to register a product under this category, particularly those related to:

  • The registration of microorganisms
  • The registration of enzymes
  • The design of efficacy studies
  • The preparation of study reports

Duration: 20 min presentation + 10 min Q&A session.

Who should attend

  • Project managers
  • Regulatory managers
  • Scientists that are interested in finding out more about the design of efficacy studies and preparation of study reports

Expert Speaker


Dr Eliana Henriquez Rodriguez

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dr Eliana Henriquez Rodriguez is an Agricultural Engineer with applied experience in animal production and research.

Throughout her professional and academic life, Eliana has developed skills in animal production management, molecular genetic techniques, experimental design, statistical analysis and scientific writing. In her role at Pen & Tec Consulting, Eliana is responsible for providing internal and external regulatory and scientific training for EFSA- compliant studies, and manages feed additive registration projects.

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