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PEN & TEC CONSULTING GROUP informs that, in order to ensure the best compliance with its criminal compliance policy, it has created a complaints channel through the figure of a trusted lawyer.

The trusted lawyer will attend to any communication that you wish to make regarding possible breaches of our Compliance Policy by our managers, employees, collaborators or business partners.

After analysing the information received, if there are indications of a breach, the trusted lawyer will proceed to communicate to PEN & TEC CONSULTING GROUP the facts through those responsible for their internal investigation. The selection of these managers is based on their competence to manage the complaint and the absence of conflicts of interest regarding the reported fact.

The figure of the trustworthy lawyer guarantees the complainant that everything that she manifests to her is protected under professional secrecy and that her identity and personal data will only be communicated with express written consent. The trusted lawyer is authorized to offer the complainant legal advice on the consequences of the complaint.

The trusted lawyer will not process any information that is not relevant in the field of Compliance.

Currently, the person designated as the trusted lawyer is the lawyer Francisco Bonatti. He is available from 09.30 to 13.30 or from 15.00 to 18.00 by phone +34 93 415 54 21 or through the E-mail, working days only.