Conditions of Use
In order to comply with Spanish Law No. 34/2002, dated 11th July 2002, concerning Computerised Information Services and Electronic Trade, PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL informs you that it is the owner of the website www.pentec-consulting.eu. In accordance with the requirements of Article 10 of the Law referred to, PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL notifies you of the following details: The owner of this website is PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL, with Spanish Tax Identification Code B65673774 and registered office at PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL, PLAZA AUSIAS MARCH, 1 – 4PLANTA, 08195, SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES (BARCELONA), SPAIN, entered in the Register of Companies in Volume 42878, Sheet of paper 92, Page 417175, entry no. 1 The e-mail address at which the company may be contacted is: hector@pentec-consulting.eu.

User’s Responsibilities
A person browsing through, having access to, and making use of the website provided by PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL acquires the status of User, in terms of which he accepts, when browsing through the pages of the PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL website, all the conditions of use established below without prejudice to the application of the corresponding obligatory legal requirements, if appropriate.

The PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL website pages provide a wide variety of information, services and data. Users accept their responsibility to use the website correctly. This responsibility shall cover the following aspects:

The accuracy and legality of the information provided by Users when completing the electronic forms presented by PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL in order to obtain access to certain contents or services offered by the website pages. They shall also be responsible for how they use any passwords they may have obtained by completing the forms referred to above. Any use of the information, services and data offered by PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL, that is contrary to the provisions of the conditions contained herein or to the requirements of the Law and the maintenance of moral standards, respectable standards of behaviour and public order, or which may in any other way harm the rights of third parties or the proper operation of the website.

Policy With Regard to Links and Exemption From Responsibility
PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL accepts no responsibility for the content of any websites to which Users may gain access through links created on its website and affirms that it shall under no circumstances undertake to examine, or to exercise any type of control over, the content of other websites on the Internet. It shall likewise under no circumstances guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, truthfulness, validity or legality of any websites outside its ownership to which Users may gain access through the links referred to.

PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL affirms that it has taken all necessary measures to avoid any harm which may be caused to Users of its website by browsing through the pages of its website. Consequently, PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL shall under no circumstances be held responsible for any possible harm that Users may suffer through browsing through the Internet.

PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL reserves the right to carry out, without giving prior notice, any modifications to the content of its website that it may consider appropriate, both in relation to the contents of the website and to its conditions of use or general contract conditions.

These modifications may be made, through its website, by any legally admissible means and it shall be compulsory to comply with them for as long as they are published on the website and until such time as they are modified in a valid manner by any other subsequent modifications.

Reservation of the Right to Use Cookies
PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL reserves the right to use cookies when Users browse through its website in order to facilitate the customisation and convenience of browsing. In accordance with the company’s data protection policy, PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL informs Users that cookies are associated with Users and their computers on an anonymous basis and do not in themselves provide details of Users’ names.

Users have the right to configure their browsers in such a way that they are informed of the receipt of cookies, any may, if they so desire, prevent them from being installed on their hard disks. In any case, the installation of cookies shall not be an obligatory pre-condition for gaining access to the PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL website.

Protection of Data
In accordance with the provisions of Spanish Organic Law No.15/1999 concerning the Protection of Personal Data, PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL informs the Users of its website that the personal data collected by the company by means of the electronic forms forming part of its website will be included in a computerised database held under the responsibility of PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL with the aim of increasing the convenience, flexibility and reliability of the undertakings established between both parties.

PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL also informs Users of their opportunity to exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and objection by writing to PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL, PLAZA AUSIAS MARCH, 1 – 4PLANTA, 08195, SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES (BARCELONA), Spain.

Unless you advise us to the contrary, we shall take it as understood that your data have not been modified, that you undertake to notify us of any change and that we have your consent to use them in order to establish a closer relationship between the Parties.

Intellectual Property
The rights of intellectual and industrial property arising from all the texts, images, and ways and methods of presenting and laying out its website pages belong to PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL, either in its own right or as an assignee, and the above elements shall consequently be protected as intellectual property by the provisions of Spanish Law, with both Spanish and European Union regulations being applicable in this respect, together with any international treaties relating to the subject that have been subscribed by Spain.

All rights reserved. The provisions of Spanish Law concerning Intellectual Property prohibit the reproduction, distribution, publicising and use of the whole or part of the contents of the PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL website without the latter’s express consent.

Legal Actions and Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction
PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL likewise reserves the right to bring such actions in civil or criminal law as it may consider appropriate in cases of unrightfully use of its website and its contents or non-fulfilment of the conditions contained herein.

The relationship between the User and PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL shall be governed by current Spanish legislation, and the magistrates and courts of law of the city of SANT CUGAT DEL VALLES shall be competent to decide any controversy that may arise between the User and PEN & TEC CONSULTING SL.