We know that having the right people managing our clients’ projects is the key to our continued success. We also know that it takes a team effort to provide the exceptional service our clients expect and deserve, which is why we pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships.

Our team of professionals have extensive backgrounds and many years of experience working with EU food chain legislation, specialising in registrations for food and feed additives, enzymes, probiotics and novels foods. With a proven track record for successfully gaining approval for multiple food and feed products, we are ideally equipped to offer you a full regulatory affairs support service.

Dr Elinor McCartney

all_pentec_elinor-mccartney_colourDr Elinor McCartney


Dr Elinor McCartney has over 30 years’ experience in product development and EU regulatory affairs for multiple categories, including food and feed additives, novel foods and nutrition and health claims. Elinor is a graduate of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, where she also obtained a PhD in enteric diseases of piglets. She has an MBA (with distinction) and has tutored Finance and Marketing for the Open University Business School.

In 2000, Elinor set up Pen & Tec Consulting to help companies comply with EU regulations and legally sell their food and feed products in Europe. Elinor mainly provides strategic advice to clients on legal status and best regulatory options to accelerate time to market. Elinor is a frequent and popular speaker at international conferences on topics such as probiotics and nutritional support for human and animal health, and is also the author or co-author of over 25 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr Hannah Lester


Dr Hannah Lester


Dr Hannah Lester is a research scientist with over 10 years’ experience in running veterinary clinical trials for regulatory approval. She studied for a PhD in parasite epidemiology at the Moredun Research Institute in Edinburgh and has an MSc in Veterinary Public Health from the University of Glasgow. Hannah has worked for and managed Contract Research Organisations in the UK, and has also worked in academia and for government, providing science and veterinary policy advice. Hannah joined Pen & Tec in 2016 and is responsible for feed and food registration projects in EU and other major jurisdictions, and also ensuring scientific and regulatory excellence in the work that Pen & Tec delivers. Hannah is a specialist in novel food & feed regulations in the EU & other major global markets. Hannah helps companies to overcome regulatory hurdles & offers strategic solutions to get to market in a cost-effective & time-effective way.

Laura Payo Lewis

Laura Payo Lewis

Regulatory Affairs Director

Laura Payo Lewis specialises in both EU food and feed product registrations. She is an experienced regulatory manager, helping numerous clients take their products to market, such as enzymes used as animal digestibility enhancers or as food processing aids. She holds a Master in Biotechnology from the University of Salamanca, and interned in the cell culture quality control department of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health in 2010.

Laura has delivered seminars on regulations and procedures for registering feed and feed additives in the EU. She also provides training sessions for client regulatory teams on all aspects of the EU registration process, on topics such as understanding data requirements for the risk assessment of food and feed products derived from genetically modified microorganisms. Since joining Pen & Tec in 2011, Laura has acquired a deeper knowledge of the regulatory requirements in other jurisdictions, working on Food Additive Petitions or GRAS determinations (US FDA) or feed additive registrations in Brazil.

Hector Velasquez-Estay

all_pentec_hector-velasques_colourHector Velasquez-Estay

Managing Director

Hector joined Pen & Tec in 2003 as a partner and shareholder. He holds a diploma in Sales and Marketing Management from the EAE business school in Barcelona, Spain, and a diploma in Business from the UK Open University.

Hector has worked in sales management in a variety of SMEs and multinationals, including flexible packaging for the food industry, electronic components, specialised steel and paper for industrial applications. Since becoming Managing Director in 2009, Héctor has grown Pen & Tec from a small partnership to a successful consulting firm, opening offices in the UK and Switzerland, and offering a wider range of regulatory services for both food and feed.

Dr Montserrat Cerrato Sánchez

Dr Montserrat Cerrato Sánchez

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dr Montse Cerrato Sánchez specialises in feed product registrations and feed labelling compliance. She joined Pen & Tec in 2011 and has worked on coccidiostat and probiotic feed additive applications, assisting clients in project management, elaboration of registration dossiers and conducting compliant studies. She also provides advice on all aspects of the feed labelling development process to ensure compliant presentation and advertising of feedstuffs.

Montse has delivered training sessions for client regulatory teams on the EU feed additive registration process and feed labelling legislation. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine and a PhD in Animal Production from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Ing. Justyna Pałasińska

Ing. Justyna Pałasińska

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ing. Justyna Pałasińska holds a Master in Food Technology and Human Nutrition, specialising in meat production, as well as a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Since joining Pen & Tec in 2013, Justyna has gained experience in managing both food & feed projects such as novel foods, nutrition & health claims, food for special medical purposes, food supplements and feed additives, including amino acids, bacteriophages, enzymes and plant derived products. She has also worked on projects for the US market, through FAP, GRAS determination and NDI notification. Justyna is currently managing and developing the food department of Pen & Tec.

Rocío Duchén Bocángel

Rocío Duchén Bocángel

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Rocío Duchén is an analytical chemist, with experience in research and consulting. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and a Master Degree in Forensic Chemistry, which covered experimental design, statistics and EU regulatory framework, as well as a Master Degree in Translation Studies (scientific/technical translation from English to Spanish). Rocío has worked in research for natural products and food additives, and has experience in the development and validation of analytical methods. She has also collaborated as a specialist consultant in the food industry and the Government Office of Genetic Resources in Bolivia. Rocío joined Pen & Tec in 2017, and is involved in drafting feed additive dossiers for EU registration.

Nicoleta Pasecinic

Nicoleta Pasecinic ANutr

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Nicoleta Pasecinic is a nutritionist by background, having graduated in Food and Human Nutrition from Newcastle University, UK. She also holds a Bachelor degree in Marketing, specialising in B2B sales.

Prior joining Pen & Tec in 2017, Nicoleta worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Health & Society at Newcastle University. During that time, she co-authored several research papers investigating maternal BMI data in UK cohorts/datasets and UK national screening policies for Gestational Diabetes.

With over 2 years’ experience in the food and feed regulatory industry, Nicoleta is an expert in EU novel food authorisation and novel food consultations, using her skills in study design, data collection, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and interpretation to help clients achieve faster market access as economically as possible.

Rosalía Flores Vidal

Rosalía Flores Vidal

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Rosalía Flores is a biotechnologist (University of Valencia, Spain) and holds a Master degree in Food Science and Technology, specialising in Food Safety, from the University of Copenhagen. She has experience in food microbiology and food-packaging research.

Rosalía completed an internship at the Food Safety department of WHO (Copenhagen), where she was involved in a project on Salmonella surveillance in Europe. She also interned at the Food Safety and Animal Welfare department at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, where she worked within QA and Animal Welfare control in Denmark. Rosalía joined Pen & Tec in 2017 and is currently working on various feed additive submissions.

Ana Merino Tejedor

all_pentec_elinor-mccartney_colourAna Merino Tejedor

Regulatory Affairs Manager 

Ana Merino Tejedor holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of León, a Master in Parasitology from the University of Copenhagen and a FELASA category C certificate in Laboratory Animal Science. Her thesis explored molecular identification of canine zoonotic gastrointestinal helminths (published). Ana gained experience in fieldwork and clinical trials while working on projects in Thailand and Tanzania. She also has experience working on research projects, focusing on laboratory diagnostic and molecular techniques. Ana joined Pen & Tec in early 2018 and is involved in study design/review as well as European regulatory assessments of feed and novel food products.

Dr Eliana Henriquez Rodriguez

all_pentec_elinor-mccartney_colourDr Eliana Henriquez Rodriguez

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dr Eliana Henriquez Rodriguez is an Agricultural Engineer with applied experience in animal production and research. Eliana holds a MSc in Animal Breeding and Reproduction Biotechnology (Autonomous University of Barcelona and Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain) as well as a PhD in Agricultural and Food Science and Technology (University of Lleida, Spain). Eliana’s thesis focused on the validation of genetic markers to improve pork quality and generated results published in different peer-reviewed journals. In addition to working as a supervisor on pig farms in Venezuela, Eliana’s experience in industry and academia also includes an internship with Pig Improvement Company (USA) and a laboratory research project at TEAGASC Food Research Centre (Ireland), as part of her PhD training.

Throughout her professional and academic life, Eliana has developed skills in animal production management, molecular genetic techniques, experimental design, statistical analysis and scientific writing. In her role at Pen & Tec Consulting, Eliana is responsible for providing internal & external regulatory & scientific training for EFSA- compliant studies, and manages feed additive registration projects.

Cristina Martín Jiménez

CristinaCristina Martín Jiménez

Regulatory Affairs Manager 

Cristina Martín Jiménez holds a master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid. Whilst studying, Cristina gained clinical experience in horses and livestock in the university’s veterinary clinical hospital. She also gained clinical trial fieldwork experience in poultry and pigs while collaborating with different research projects at the Nutrition Institute of the Veterinary University of Hannover, Germany.

Cristina completed an internship at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in London where she was involved in multiple projects; New Veterinary Legislation, marketing authorisations (MA) and the optimisation for future procedures of novel therapy/recombinant applications. She has had direct communication with European authorities (EFSA, EC, GMO authorities) and national agencies. In addition, she was the scientific lead in a project regarding the availability of a veterinary vaccine which examined the contribution of field efficacy studies to MA application assessments. This resulted in an EMA report, adopted by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use. Cristina is the principal author of a soon-to-be published article on the subject.

Cristina joined Pen & Tec in 2018 and has worked on various projects, including European regulatory assessments of feed and veterinary medicinal products, feed labelling and study reviews.

Roberto Suárez Martín

Roberto SuárezRoberto Suárez Martín

Regulatory Affairs Manager 

Roberto Suárez is a food technologist holding a master’s degree in Quality of Food of Animal Origin (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain). He has worked in the food industry since graduating from the University, gaining solid, extensive experience in food quality and safety management systems (BRC, IFS and FSSC 22:000), importation and exportation systems (CEXGAN, REX) and analytical techniques. Roberto has also worked training and offering consultant services to food industries on their way to excellency and legal compliance. The study of food allergens and management systems for their control and prevention has been the main focus of his working career. Roberto has also been in continuous and direct contact with the FDA and FDA inspectors throughout his professional life.

He joined Pen & Tec in 2018 and has worked on several feed and novel food projects. He has also written various articles on the legal connotations and perspective of scientific advances.

Mikel Goñi García-Falces

Mikel GoñiMikel Goñi García-Falces

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Mikel Goñi García-Falces holds a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) & an interuniversity Master of Science degree in Aquaculture (Universitat de Barcelona, UAB, & Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). During his master’s thesis at the veterinary pharmacology department, he validated analytical methods for the quantification of several antibiotics in the plasma of four different fish species using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) procedures. Mikel is also experienced in marine animal health and has completed internships in different countries such as Spain, Finland & The Netherlands. Mikel joined Pen & Tec in 2018 and is currently working in different feed additive & novel food applications.

Joan Castelló Latorre

Joan Castelló Latorre

Regulatory Affairs Manager 

Joan Castelló holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry (Lindenwood University, USA), specialising in biochemistry. Joan gained experience in food chain safety while working as an analyst at a food microbiology testing laboratory in London, UK. He has also worked in the Quality Assurance Department of a home & personal care brand based in Barcelona, Spain.

Since joining Pen & Tec in 2018, Joan has worked on several label regulatory assessments of food & feed products, as well as on USA registration projects (FDA) and EFSA-compliant study reviews.

Niovi Kordali

Niovi KordaliNiovi Kordali

Regulatory Affairs Manager 

Niovi Kordali holds a BSc & MSc degree in Animal Science, Production & Aquaculture from the department of Nutritional Physiology and Feeding of the Agricultural University of Athens. She specialised in feed additives and during her MSc degree, she studied the effects of probiotics and acidifiers on chickens for fattening.

Niovi has worked in the FEED Unit of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) where she gained an excellent knowledge of EU regulatory framework related to authorised products. In particular, she focused on areas of nutritional, zootechnical & technological feed additives, as well as gaining experience in the preparation and review of scientific opinions on the provision of evidence-based risk assessment.

In addition to this, Niovi has also worked in the Laboratory Control Department of Hellenic Food Authority, where she dealt with chemical techniques (HPLC, Elisa, GC, AAS) for mycotoxins, food allergens & trans-fatty acids. Niovi joined Pen & Tec in early 2019 and is currently working on various feed additive submissions.

Nataliia Sotska

Nataliia Sotska, MBA

Marketing Manager

Nataliia is an experienced marketing leader with over 9 years’ experience creating strategies and producing advertising for brands. She joined Pen & Tec in 2015 focusing on marketing strategy, campaign execution and client development. She is a creative tactician in the fields of strategic planning, brand advertising, digital marketing, media production, sales, direct marketing and professional development.

Before joining Pen & Tec Nataliia held multiple marketing and business development positions for both B2C and B2B industries.

Nataliia holds MBA diploma from the EAE Business School from Barcelona and multiple degrees in marketing, digital marketing and business analytics from INSA Business School (Barcelona). In 2020 Nataliia graduated from Seeway LCI Barcelonaas a Graphic designer.

John Harrison

John Harrison

Business Development Manager

John joined the Pen & Tec team on November 23rd and is involved in, not only developing and improving current client interactions, but also in increasing Pen &Tec´s regulatory service offer and reach to the food and feed business community in European and Internationally.

John brings to the team expertise and knowledge in the areas of business development, licensing and distribution, having worked for over 15 years in the generic pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare sectors, for both multi-nationals and start-ups. He holds a Bachelor´s degree in Business Studies from the University of West England (UWE) in the UK.


Hannes Malfroy

Hannes Malfroy

Regulatory Affairs Associate

Hannes Malfroy holds a BSc & MSc degree in Biochemistry & Biotechnology from Ghent University, Belgium, specialising in Plant Biotechnology and Microbiology. During his Master thesis, he interned at the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), studying the effects of mild drought stress on plant growth.

After finishing his studies, Hannes successfully completed an internship at the R&D department of Plant Response Biotech in Madrid, where he helped developing a screening platform to detect potential biopesticide and/or biostimulant candidates. Hannes gained regulatory experience at Bayer Agriculture BVBA in Brussels, where he worked on pesticide renewal dossiers in the EU and biostimulant registrations in several countries in the EMEA region.

Hannes joined Pen & Tec in 2019 and is currently working on various feed additive and novel food submissions.

Caroline Idowu

Caroline Idowu


Caroline Idowu holds an integrated master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Sheffield specialising in Physical Chemistry. Her final year thesis focused on the study of increasing the efficiency of dye-sensitised solar cells. Caroline spent the third year of her degree studying at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France where she gained laboratory experience covering many branches of chemistry and material science and was involved in many analytical based projects.

Caroline was working in Spain before she joined Pen & Tec in 2019 and has worked on various feed and novel food projects.