New Food Conference: re-thinking the food industry

Posted 20 August, 2021

We are inviting you to join us at New Food Conference on 10-11 October 2021 virtually or in Cologne, Germany. Join Pen & Tec’s presentation delivered by Dr Hannah Lester, CEO at Pen & Tec and discover:

  • the application process (from developing to launching a new product on the market, the different test and legal process)
  • the “potential” future of CA products and their categories and labels (will it be called “Clean Meat”)
  • differences in between Europe (acceptance, rules, import/export), fear/struggles regarding farmers and alternative meat products

This time there will be a Co-Speaker joining us and together we will be discussing: 

  • How do we get cell-based products to market in the EU
  • How to regulate hybrid products
  • How will cell-based products & ingredients be labelled
  • What can we do as an industry to avoid pushback from EU Member States that have powerful traditional farming stakeholders & unions

Do not miss!

Are you attending? Pen & Tec will be happy to talk to you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or directly @John Harrison to find out how Pen & Tec can help bring your product range to Europe and accelerate time to market.

About the event:

The New Food Conference is a unique, industry-oriented event that aims to accelerate and empower these innovative food technologies by bringing together key stakeholders. It is Europe’s first and biggest conference on new-protein solutions.