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Video Course: EU labelling of feed additives & complementary feeds

This course has been designed to give practical advice and guidance on how tocompile an EU-compliant feed and feed additive label, ensuring you gain a comprehensive insight into the legal framework, necessary requirements and permitted claims, as well as providing tips and links to key resources. 

The course is available now. 

Course Overview

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Learn about the legal framework, requirements and permitted claims, all the different feed and feed additive classifications, how to choose the correct legal category and a brief introduction on how to label feed and feed additive products.

Chapter 2 – Feed Labelling

Understand the Feed Regulation (Reg. 767/2009), all labelling requirements for feed materials, compound feed, pet food and complementary feed, as well as tips on keeping on top of any changes or updates to the regulation.

Chapter 3 – Feed Additive Labelling

Master the components of a feed additive label, follow our check list and learn about the specific information required for certain additives and the different legal categories.

Chapter 4 – Claims

Gain a detailed understanding of what a claim is, how to phrase the wording on a label, permitted and non-permitted claims and the different types of claims that can be made.

Chapter 5 – Tips & Tricks

Get ahead by following our tips on best practices for compiling an EU-compliant label.

Chapter 6 – Test your knowledge

Check your feed and feed additive labelling skills by completing our test, build your own label and consolidate your knowledge.

References and course materials

Your shortcut to access key regulations, guidelines, the feed additive and feed materials register and other useful resources, as used by our team.

Learning outcomes 

  • Understand key legislation and guidance 
  • Gain an insight into the different legal categories and permitted claims 
  • Consolidate your knowledge with practical exercises 
  • Learn how and when to seek regulatory advice 

Course Outline 

  • Video content: 1h 
  • Practical exercises: 1h
  • Further reading: 2h

Who Should Attend?

Managers working in:

    • Labelling
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Packaging/processing
    • Artwork
    • Import/export

Expert Speakers

Elinor McCartney

Dr Elinor McCartney is a renowned professional public speaker in the food industry, having presented at various international conferences concerning food and feed law and delivering training courses to large groups of professionals both face to face and online. 

With over 30 years’ experience in product development, project management and EU regulatory affairs, Elinor can provide strategic advice, regulatory support and tailor-made training materials at any stage of your project: 

  • R&D 
  • Registration 
  • Marketing 
  • Labelling & claims 

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