Free Webinar: “Approval and Market Access of Novel Food in the EU: Regulatory Pathways and Challenges”

28 September 2023, 4 PM CET, On-line 

  1. Discover the Key Ingredients: Learn how to craft a comprehensive dossier that complies with all the crucial regulations and guidelines. Don’t let your dream product get stuck in regulatory limbo! We will take you on a journey through the EU’s Novel Food system, revealing the dos and don’ts that will propel your novel food to success!
  2. Uncover the Alternative Proteins Edge: Find out why alternative proteins are taking the world by storm and how they fit into the novel food landscape. Be ahead of the game in this booming market.
  3. Insights from EFSA Opinions: Gain a competitive advantage by delving into recently submitted Novel Food applications and learning valuable lessons from EFSA Opinions.
  4. Time is Money: Avoid costly delays and financial setbacks by mastering the approval and market access process. Your product deserves its moment in the spotlight!

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Webinar Overview

The successful registration of Novel Foods in the European Union requires the development of a comprehensive dossier that adheres to various regulations and guidelines. Failure to navigate this process diligently can lead to significant delays in bringing your product to the market, resulting in both time and financial losses.

In the EU system, any food that was not consumed “significantly” by humans prior to 15 May 1997 is considered to be a novel food. Novel foods are regulated according to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283 and require pre-market authorisation.

The webinar aims to provide valuable information and actionable insights to those looking to navigate the EU Novel Food registration process successfully, enabling them to bring their innovative food products to the European market with confidence. Join us to learn about:

  • The framework surrounding the approval and market access of Novel Food in the EU: regulatory framework, safety assessment and risk evaluation, market access and labelling
  • Recently submitted Novel Food application and the insights from EFSA Opinions

Duration: 45min presentation followed by 15 min Q&A session

Who should attend

  • Food Scientists and Researchers: Professionals involved in food innovation and R&D seeking to understand the specific requirements for Novel Food dossier development.
  • Food Regulatory and Compliance Professionals: Experts responsible for ensuring that food products meet the EU’s strict regulatory standards and guidelines.
  • Food Manufacturers: Companies engaged in food production, especially those exploring new ingredients and formulations, and wanting to navigate the EU Novel Food registration system effectively.
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists: Those interested in funding or supporting Novel Food ventures and seeking insights into the regulatory landscape and potential risks.
  • Food Industry Associations: Representatives of trade organizations and associations keen to stay informed about the latest developments in the Novel Food space.

Expert Speaker

Mireia Romagosa Vilarnau

Regulatory Affairs Manager 

Mireia Romagosa is a pharmacist specialized in healthcare and clinical assays and dedicated expert in quality management and food safety, focused on the study and evaluation of food law. Mireia has broad experience in the field of medical nutrition and food supplements, regulatory affairs and R&D.

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