What do the changes to the Lactobacillus taxonomy mean to you & your business

Posted 28 November, 2019

Based on the results of high-throughput whole genome sequence analyses, scientists have concluded that the bacterial genus of Lactobacillus is too heterogenous. Therefore, the taxonomy of this genus has to be rethought and a formal split of the genus is unavoidable. The genus will potentially be split up into 10 to 23 different genera!

Different species within the genus Lactobacillus are widely used in industrial fermentation; therefore, the split of the genus will bring significant complications for the industry. Name changes will mean that product authorisations & labels will need to be updated accordingly. Communication about the name changes with competent authorities such as EFSA and FDA, among other national agencies and other different stakeholders, will be key to ensure compliance & ensure products can continue to be sold. Potential issues with intellectual property may also arise.

The Lactic Acid Bacteria Industrial Platform (LABIP) organises expert workshops where the reclassification process and possible solutions are discussed. More information can be found on the LABIP website.

Pen & Tec can help if you are unsure how the changes will affect you.

For more information on any of these topics, or for a copy of the workshop presentation, please email us: info@pentec-consulting.eu