The new regulation on transparency – a game changer for our industry? What did the audience of FeedInfo think?

Posted 1 October, 2019

On 26th September 2019, Pen & Tec delivered an interactive lunchtime workshop at the Feed Info conference in Amsterdam. During the workshop we discussed:

  • The new transparency regulation
  • Updates on EFSA guidance on renewals
  • The status of the REFIT of the feed additives regulation
  • The new feed additive functional groups
  • Tips for maximizing your feed additive portfolio

During the workshop, we asked the audience whether they thought the new EU regulation on transparency would be good or bad for industry. In total, 34% of the audience thought that the new regulation would be good for industry, while 20% believed that it will negatively impact our industry. The remaining 46% did not know whether it would be good or bad as there is still a lot of uncertainty over the process & believe that we will have to wait & see how strict EFSA is with granting confidentiality.

We then asked the audience if they thought that the tailored advice provided by EFSA on the content of renewal dossiers & study design that will be applicable once the new regulation on transparency enters into force will be a good thing. In total 68% believe this will be good for applicants, while 19% voted don´t know. Interestingly, 13% of the audience believe this will not be good for applicants as the outcome of the consultation will be made available on the EFSA website.

Finally, we discussed whether or not the two new feed additive functional groups (1o – “Other technological feed additives” & 4e – “Physiological condition stabilizer”) open the door for innovation. In total, 89% of the audience believed that the creation of the new functional groups will help to create more innovation, while only 11% answered that they were unsure.

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