Prospects and Challenges Developing Innovative Food Ingredients in 2023

Posted 2 January, 2023

Leading regulatory specialists and lawyers join together to discuss the practical challenges that innovative food companies have to face when they are addressing the EU market and the future prospect for 2023 at the webinar presented by Agrifood Futures Community

We are inviting you to join us at this webinar where Nikolaas Tilkin-Franssens, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Pen & Tec Consulting, will be speaking on the challenges in the dossier presentation of alternative proteins as novel foods with EFSA. Niko will focus in detail on the future prospects of specific novel foods, such as insects, mycelium and cultured meat, focusing on the latest requirements of safety assessment dossiers.

Its an Online event is taking place on 18th of January 2023 at 11 am CET. 

For more information & to register please follow the link