Probiota 2019: safety and health claims

Posted 2 January, 2019

We are very happy to announce that Pen & Tec Consulting will be sponsoring Probiota 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark from 13th– 15th February 2019.

The 3-day event consists of interesting conferences, debates and discussions regarding current topics and upcoming changes to the prebiotic, probiotic and microbiome fields. Pen & Tec Consulting are proud to be a Platinum sponsor at the annual event, which not only focuses on important scientific aspects, but also offers fantastic networking opportunities to all attendees.

Whilst offering regulatory advice throughout the event, Pen & Tec will also be hosting a workshop “Future in focus – claims vs consumers” on Friday 15th February. In this session, we will discuss the regulatory challenges facing those in search of claims, and ask whether consumer understanding and marketing can offer new opportunities and solutions to the situation. With health claims related to probiotics remaining elusive, we will question the options for developing products and improving the reach to consumers in this area. We will also discuss how marketing and opinion leaders play a role to supporting science and in communicating product benefits, and explore the idea as to whether consumers even care about claims anyway.

Pen & Tec has the pleasure of hosting a round table discussion: EU food chain REFIT (REvaluation of FITness) – collision or convergence with EFSA? The idea behind this is to open the debate on all probiotics used in the EU food chain – from farm to fork, from stable to table – & explore where there is scope for modernising EU approaches to the safety, quality & efficacy of live micro-organisms used in our food chain.

As spaces are limited, we recommend you reserve your place as soon as possible. For an exclusive 30% discount, please use the Pen & Tec promotional code: 123ABC.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Probiota 2019 in Copenhagen!