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In Partnership with Food Matters Live masterclass: Is your alternative protein a novel food?

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Course Overview

Does your alternative protein need to be authorised?

Alternative proteins can often fall under the novel food definition and thus require authorisation. This masterclass will help you decide whether your product needs to undergo an assessment by the European Authorities, or whether it can be placed directly on the market. If an authorisation is needed, we will outline the registration process and provide some practical examples.

Why does this topic matter?

Alternative proteins can often fall under the novel food definition and thus require authorisation which may seem complex and often difficult to interpret.

How could this masterclass help you understand the regulation?

At this masterclass you will receive practical advice on determining the novelty of your protein, as well as find out what should be the next steps if it is novel. 

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what a Novel Food is
  • Be able to assess whether your alternative protein is novel
  • Learn about the data requirements for authorisation
  • Understand the novel food registration process

Expert Speakers

Ing Justyna Pałasińska

Justyna is Pen & Tec’s regulatory expert in human food and nutrition, specialising in novel food product registrations, foods for special medical purposes, food supplements and has extensive experience in the registration of feed additives in the EU and other jurisdictions.

Justyna has an MSc in food technology and nutrition as well as a degree in biomedical engineering. For over 8 years, Justyna has been supporting Pen & Tec’s clients by managing product approvals, providing regulatory advice and designing training sessions for regulatory teams.

Justyna has also presented at industry leading conferences on topics such as the novel food approval process in the EU and has delivered live webinars on cellular agriculture and dossier submission to the UK FSA.

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