Evaluation of in-field efficacy of dietary ferric tyrosine on performance, intestinal health and meat quality of broiler chickens exposed to natural Campylobacter jejuni challenge

Posted 18 January, 2019

Pen & Tec experts have collaborated on and are happy to share with you the following study which examined the effect of a novel feed additive to reduce Campylobacter jejuni populations and to improve growth performance of broiler chickens.

Antibiotics have been used extensively in the diets of livestock, but since they were banned in the EU due to growing public concerns about antimicrobial resistance which are linked to increased risks for human health and food safety, there is an urgent need for alternatives of antibiotic growth promoters which protect farm animals and limit the establishment and growth of bacterial pathogens in their gastrointestinal tracts. 

Collectively, our data suggest that the addition of ferric tyrosine at 0.20 g/kg exerts a protective effect against C. jejuni and coccidiosis.

You can access the article here.