EFSA launch public consultation on the draft guidance for the assessment of the efficacy of feed additives – 28th January deadline

Posted 18 December, 2017

EFSA has recently published the Draft Guidance for the Assessment of Efficacy of Feed Additives, which will be available for public consultation until the 28 January 2018. Once implemented, this and the already adopted Guidance on Assessment of the Safety of Feed Additives for the Target Species will substitute the current Guidance on Tolerance and Efficacy Studies in Target Animals (EFSA, 2011).

In comparison, this new guidance on efficacy includes much more comprehensive and detailed information, covering the requirements for in vivo and in vitro efficacy assessments for each feed additive category and functional group.

EFSA encourages applicants to participate in the public consultation exercise to help them create simplified and more harmonised guidance documents to support the generation of EFSA-compliant data that demonstrate the efficacy of their products.

The draft guidance can be found here: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/consultations/call/171204