Dr Elinor McCartney is speaking at WPSA’s 33rd Poultry Science Symposium “Pre and probiotics; nutritional, veterinary and production perspectives”

Posted 14 June, 2022

22-24 August 2022, Cambridge, UK

We are inviting you to join Pen & Tec’s president Dr Elinor McCartney at 33rd Poultry Science Symposium delivered by the UK Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) on 22nd-24th August 2022. 

The event will be taking place at Clare College, Cambridge – the second oldest college in Cambridge. 

Elinor will be delivering a presentation on “Paradigm Shifts in EU Animal Nutrition Legislation – Local & Global Implications” during the session dedicated to changing regulatory/legislation landscape for Pre and Probiotics and other antibiotic alternatives”. 

Make sure you don’t miss it! 

About the symposium:

The aim of the symposium is that it be a thorough look at the antibiotic free sector from various perspectives and discuss what we can do as professionals to maintain good gut and overall bird health.  From a human health and responsibility perspective, reducing the use of antibiotics in animal production is the right thing to do.  However, that brings potential challenges in bird health, welfare and efficiency.  We will cover these topics from veterinary, production and nutrition perspectives, all of which will help to design solutions for the future.