BREXIT – regulating through uncertainty

Posted 28 August, 2018

The UK’s self-imposed deadline to leave the EU is looming. With just seven months to go, many organisations continue to face high levels of uncertainty and unpredictability around what is to come and what the true impact of BREXIT will mean.

The outcome of Brexit negotiations will require fundamental changes to the UK’s legal and regulatory landscape in the long term.

By its nature, regulation can be something of a reactive enterprise. It is rightly constrained by government policy and legislation, with the speed of enacting regulatory objectives often hampered by extensive consultation, engagement and parliamentary support.

Companies are finding it difficult to take key decisions today, and to plan for the future. What should you be doing to keep your business on track and to best protect the interests of your company, the industry and your customers?

Don’t panic! – Pen & Tec can help.

We understand the challenges are many and difficult. But we also know that uncertainty can offer new opportunities for those who know how to seek them out.

That’s why we’re proud to be at the forefront of helping organisations find new and innovative ways of working that make sense of today and help get ahead of the competition.

Pen & Tec has a representative office in the EU (near Barcelona, Spain) and we are able to provide support and legal advice as BREXIT unfolds, to our clients in both the EU and UK. 

In line with the regulatory services Pen & Tec provides, we are happy to assist with:

Strategic advice

  • Authorisation holder transfer
  • EU and UK regulatory support
  • Track regulatory changes and impact/s on the business/product presence on the market
  • Compliance check
  • EU representative offices