BAFSAM associate membership for Pen & Tec

Posted 16 March, 2017

Pen & Tec is delighted to have been accepted as an associate member of the British Association of Feed Supplement and Additive Manufacturers (BAFSAM). BAFSAM is a trade association whose mandate is to look after the interests of the manufacturers and processors of animal feed additives, speciality feed ingredients, premixtures and feed supplements. There are over 30 members and associate members based throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland (RoI).

BAFSAM is a partner organisation of FEFANA, the Brussels based EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, and is in regular contact with the relevant competent authorities in the UK and RoI. They produce regular technical and regulatory updates relating to all aspects of feed legislation in Europe and the UK. Through its relationship with FEFANA and other organisations, BAFSAM is well-placed to ensure that the feed industry is fully represented in the EU, UK and RoI, which will be particularly important when Brexit negotiations begin.

The aims and objectives of BAFSAM are to:

  • Promote, encourage and protect the lawful interests of feed additive, specialty ingredient, feed supplement and premixture industries.
  • Represent, as the national partner organisation of FEFANA, the above industries in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Negotiate with official bodies on any matters pertaining to the industries represented and to initiate, support or oppose legislation on all matters affecting the industry.
  • Affiliate or co-operate with any other body in the UK, RoI or elsewhere which has like or similar interests.

As members of BAFSAM, Pen & Tec will be able to contribute towards negotiations on what the feed industry may look like post-Brexit, and we will receive regular updates on any developments.

BAFSAM hold an annual conference, which is open to non-members. This year’s conference will be held on 18th May. For more information, please refer to the BAFSAM website: