Alternative protein and dairy show in Amsterdam

Posted 21 August, 2019

Alternative proteins have become a very hot topic lately, with many businesses starting to get involved in finding alternative proteins which can act as substitutes for traditional animal‑based food.

Last year in San Francisco, KindEarthTech hosted their first event, the Alternative Protein Show (APS), and it was a huge success. The event is a gathering of the brightest foodtech innovators, who are working together to design the future of food. Attendees can expect to have a unique network-building experience, with various scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and corporations participating.

This year, the event will take place in Amsterdam and will be focused on cultured meat, algae & creating a circular economy with the objective of developing relationships with people leading in sustainability.


  • 80% food-based content – will highlight leading start-up and inventors who will display their work.
  • 20% special content – the wandering part where other new innovations will be showcased.

With all these brilliant ideas popping up on the market, the next question is how do you get the authorisation to launch these products? Pen & Tec would be happy to assist with that!

Join the event and meet Pen & Tec’s Scientific Director, Dr Hannah Lester, in Amsterdam who will be joining a roundtable discussion.

Do you plan on attending KindEarthTech? – Drop us an e-mail to organise a meeting with our Pen & Tec expert.